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Item # DPM, Diamond Plate Aluminum Safety Mats Super Heavy-Duty and Nearly Indestructible

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The Diamond Plate Aluminum Safety Mat is designed for personnel or vehicle detection in heavy industrial applications.

Designed to withstand forklift traffic, steel wheel carts, pallet loaders and similar equipment, it also survives welding debris, hot parts, and metal chips.

This product is available in a range of standard sizes and can also be custom configured to form a protected area around a machine or work cell.

The Diamond Plate Aluminum Safety Mat is the most durable sensing mat available for heavy-industry manufacturing environments. The mat surface is heavy gauge aluminum deck plate, which is non-sparking and non-magnetic. The external wiring is encased in stainless steel armored cable.

In addition to handling factory vehicular traffic and heavy rolling equipment, it is also appropriate around welding operations or where hot parts, hot metal chips, or abundant sparking would destroy a non-metallic safety mat. Installation is simple and straightforward and, after installation, the Diamond Plate Mat is maintenance-free. It is supplied with 4-lead fail-safe wiring, and is compatible with Tapeswitch Interface Controllers.

Contact for quote for other sizes and pricing.

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Detect presence of personnel for:
  • Sensing and control around factory traffic and Hazard protection around welding operations
  • Guarding of robotic work cells and Operator presence sensing for machine control
  • Protection in automated material handling areas and General hazard protection requiring extreme durability



Cable Length


Multiple Zones



Stainless Steel

Actuation Force

Less than 45 lbs (200 N) with 2 inch (50 mm) diameter disc

Recommended Voltage & Current

24 Vac or Vdc at 1.0 amps max.


NEMA 4 & IP65 rated, 0 to 122 ºF (-18 to 50 ºC)


45 lb

Lead Size

6 ft



Features & Benefits
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum deck plate construction for heavy-industry manufacturing environments
  • Designed to withstand factory traffic such as forklifts, steel carts and heavy rolling equipment
  • Survives welding debris, hot parts and chips, and abundant sparking
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance-free operation
  • TUV approval to EN1760-1:1997 and 98/37/EC Machinery Directive
  • Fail-safe wiring and stainless steel armored cable are standard