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Retrofit Kits for BPMP and BPTW Machines


Anti-Static Bar Upgrade for BPSW, BPMP and BPTW

Anti-Static Bar Upgrade for BPMP and BPTW

The Anti-Static Bar kit is sold into applications where static build-up on the surface of the film results in film feeding problems. The static bar is mounted into the machine in the film feed area and neutralizes the static just prior to wrapping. The static bar has no impact on the production speeds and is a sure-fire way to eliminate production issues caused by static build-up. Installation should be conducted by a plant electrician or by an ARPAC Factory-Certified technician.
Servo Knife Upgrade for BRANDPAC Systems

Servo Knife Upgrade for BRANDPAC Systems

The Servo Knife Upgrade Kit offers a performance enhancement for the knife in the film feed assembly.

The kit is available for BPMP and BPTW machines.

The complete kit includes all of the required hardware and software required to complete the installation.

Installation is required by an ARPAC service technician.
Allow 4 to 5 days to install and test the Servo Knife Upgrade kit on your BRANDPAC System.